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The History of Guiding Light Apostolic Church of Christ

Brief History on the Founding Pastor The Late Bishop Winford Lamb, Sr. and First Lady The Late Mother Odessa Lamb 1954 - 1995

     In 1954, forty-one years ago, God gave the late Bishop Winford  F. Lamb 
and the late Mother Odessa Lamb a vision to come to Belcross, North Carolina 
and start a ministry for the Lord.  Together they prayed and God gave them
an old school house to worship in.  The building had one room, a worn porch
(if you weren't careful you would/could fall in), cinder block for steps,
worn benches to sit on, a very unstable wooden floor, an old heater for 
heat in the winter, kerosene lamps to see by night, a man-made pulpit to 
preach on and two stool chairs, a piano played by the late Mother Lamb, one 
old drum played by the late Deacon Andrew Spellman, and an out house in the
     In spite of these conditions, the late Bishop Lamb never gave up.  He kept 
coming down from Virginia to do the work that God ordained him to do.  He would 
come many times and there would be no one there but the ones who would come down 
with him.  He never became discouraged, he kept coming and preaching the word
of God until God began to draw men and women to be saved.  The saints would 
come and tarry for the Holy Ghost and praise and worship God in the beauty 
of holiness.  In the old place of worship the old heater would be jumping, 
dust flying, benches jumping and saints dancing in the spirit many times 
they would snag their clothes and stockings but they kept on coming because 
they knew that Guiding Light was a place that God had chosen to set his name.  
Just as Nehemiah said in the word of God, "I am about a good work and can't 
come down."  The late Bishop Lamb was about a good work and couldn't come down.
     God allowed his vision to be fulfilled by renovating the old school 
house one room section which served as our sanctuary into a newly furnished 
kitchen addition to our newly built place of worship.  Now that the vision 
has been fulfilled, the old sanctuary still remains as the memories of how 
the Lord has brought the saints from a mighty long way.  When you look back 
into the kitchen and visualize the way the old sanctuary looked to the way 
it looks now.  The saints of God can say that the Lord was with the late 
Bishop Lamb and the vision has been approved.  Praise God for his wonderful 
works and praise god for His mighty actions.
     Look how far we have come.

Brief History on the Pastor Elder Aldie J. Spellman, Sr. and First Lady Mother Wanza Spellman 1995 - To Present

     Pastor Elder Aldie J. Spellman repented of sins according to Acts 2:38
in the year of 1956.  He became a faithful Brother in Christ to Guiding Light
Apostolic Church of Christ.  He tarried until God filled him with the Precious
Gift of the Holy Ghost about a few years later he met and married Sister Wanza
Hunt to their union were born fifteen children and of the fifteen they have two
sets of twins.  Out of the fifteen children all of them are saved and three
of the fifteen saved are preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
     In July 1989 Pastor Spellman and Mother Spellman had six children to repent
of their sins according to Acts 2:38.  Also, they have one son who lives in
California and he is also saved according to Acts 2:38.  Before becoming the
Pastor of Guiding Light Apostolic Church of Christ he was a faithful brother,
deacon and follower of Christ and to his Pastor the late Bishop W. F. Lamb.
     Pastor Elder Aldie J. Spellman was ordained into the Ministry on February
10, 1991 under the leadership of the Late Bishop Winford Lamb.  He worked
faithfully besides his Pastor until God called the late Bishop Winford Lamb
home for a labor of reward in May 1995.  In June 1995 Elder Aldie J. Spellman
was installed to the Pastoral ship of Guiding Light Apostolic Church of Christ
and God continues to give him the strength to carry on the work that God has
called him to do faithfully.  Mother Wanza Spellman has been saved since the
year 1950 according to Acts 2:38 and she has been a faithful member to the church.